– Tulum’s real estate market has experienced rapid appreciation over the past decade, with an average annual increase of 8-10%, making it an attractive option for investors seeking capital growth.

– The city’s status as a sought-after tourist destination attracts millions of visitors annually, creating a strong demand for vacation rentals and providing investors with lucrative rental income opportunities and high occupancy rates.
– Tulum has seen a significant increase in tourism,
welcoming over 3.3 million tourists yearly, indicating sustainable growth potential for the tourism industry and a favorable climate for hospitality-related investments.
– The implementation of the Tren Maya and ongoing development of the
Tulum International Airport enhance connectivity and accessibility to the region, driving economic growth and attracting more tourists in the coming years.
– Tulum’s commitment to sustainable tourism and
eco-conscious living attracts environmentally responsible investors, adding to the appeal of the region for those seeking socially conscious investments.
– Mexico’s friendly regulations for
foreign real estate investment allow easy property ownership in Tulum, creating accessibility and a stable legal environment for foreign investors.
– Tulum’s warm climate, beautiful beaches, and laid-back lifestyle have attracted a growing expat community,
contributing to the demand for rental properties and creating a diverse and vibrant local market.
– The presence of the
Jaguar Park in Tulum enhances the region’s appeal as a tourist destination, preserving and showcasing its natural wealth and archaeological heritage, contributing to sustainable growth and increasing property values.
– The Centro Tulum,
Tulum’s first shopping mall, adds value to properties in the surrounding areas and presents an opportune moment to acquire real estate in Tulum, given the wide range of amenities and services it offers.

– A solid developer with over 45 years of experience and more than 3,000 properties delivered.
– In the development, more than 88% of our units have a private pool.
– Project financed with Bank credit this means that we do not depend on large customer down payment to continue with the development building progress.
– Región 10 it’s an area with all services like Underground power grid, pot water, drainage system, fiber optic internet and paved roads.
– All the apartments include deeded parking space.
– Possibility to switch between vacation rental or long-term rentals, allowing you to choose the best ROI (Return of investment).
– Development with more than 15 amenities, such as pool, jungle gym, coworking, among others.

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Model Jun

Spacious apartment

Studio Penthouse

  • Typology’s features
  • Total Square feet: Starting at 930.65 sqft
  • Rooms 1
  • Dining room 1
  • Bathroom 1
  • Kitchen 1
  • Living room 1
  • Terrace 1
  • Wardrobe ok
  • Laundry room 1
  • Rooftop
  • Private pool 1
  • Half bath 1
  • Granite Bar 1
Price: $3,138,470 MXN *Approx. $190,210 USD
Down payment: $313,847 MXN *Approx. $19,021 USD
12 monthly instalments: $52,308 MXN
*Approx. $3,170 USD
Balance at delivery: $2,196,929 MXN *Approx. $133,147 USD
*This price may change depending on the official exchange rate

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